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One of the main reasons students come to study in Georgia and the United States is that they can earn valuable work experience during or after a degree program. This work experience can lead to full-time employment outside of the United States and it can sometimes lead to full-time employment inside of the United States.

Students on various visas can opt for training possibilities through internships in the United States. Georgia, with its bustling cities of Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta and Savannah, is a prime location to engage in an internship to enhance your resume and give you practical work experience. The cities mentioned are just a few places that you’ll find work in Georgia, and you will be happy to know that our students also find internships outside of the state.

Some internship positions in the US are paid, while others are unpaid. Even if an internship opportunity is unpaid it provides students with real life work experience that they otherwise would not have. Below you will see a brief list of internship possibilities both in Georgia and around the nation. Most colleges and universities also have an advising center that can help you find an internship. This is only a very brief list of internship possibilities in Georgia and the United States, which will give you an example of the opportunities you will have as a student in Georgia. Once in Georgia you will have more resources available to search for an internship position.



State of Georgia Internship Program
Centers for Disease Control Program
Natural History Internships
Communications, Business & Entertainment Internships
Georgia State Park Internships
Georgia County Internships
Aquarium Internships (Various Majors)



Disney Internship Program
Biology & Environmental Science Program
Airline Industry Internship
Microsoft Internships


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There are currently 14 Fortune 500 and 29 Fortune 1000 companies headquartered in Georgia.